we are now back in jacksonville, after visiting mindylove in greenville with her family for a few days.  our hearts are still in awe at this beautiful story...

we are making plans to go back to haiti as soon as God makes it possible, but before we do, i (diana) REALLY would love to make a scrapbook for mindylove...something for her to have forever- to remember the miracle God did in her life, and to SEE just how many people love her and were praying for her.  i want it to be a tool that she will always have to be reminded of the fact that God is her rescuer, and will be forever and ever in every situation.

so here's how i need YOU.  if you've been following this story, and it's captured your heart, even if you never even met mindylove, PLEASE WRITE her a letter or even just a little 2 line message that i can put in her scrapbook.  if you'd like to handwrite it, you can mail it to diana cherry re. mindylove, P.O. Box 51139, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240.  otherwise, you can email me at dianalcherry@gmail.com, and i will get it in there.  i'm hoping to get hundreds!!

please feel free to write anything you feel led to...whether it's what motivated you to pray for her, what you love and remember about her if you've met her, what you hope she remembers as she grows up, etc etc etc... anything!  i just want to capture your hearts, so she can see the GREAT NUMBER of people that were involved! it is truly remarkable! 

thanks soooooooo much for taking a minute to do this.  i know mindylove will cherish it forever!!  


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