Friday was a GOOD day!  My dear friend Mona finally got her teeth!  Praise the Lord!  After many dentist visits (each which took her 2 hours to and fro her house), the fit was finally perfect and she has some new pearly whites!  The dentist did a great job. In her words, she grew a third set of teeth, better than the second!  A special thanks to everyone who donated money for this cause… Mona wanted to tell you thank you:

“Thank you very much for helping me get three new teeth!  Now I can smile wide again!  And I want to tell you that now I will not hide my face when I laugh or smile anymore; I will keep my head up high!  You encourage me very much and I am so grateful.” 

It was so fun to be a part of this.  Again, I cannot tell you what a special lady this is, and how dear she is to me. 

Here are some pictures of Mona’s new smile: (scroll down on previous post to see the before shot!)