first of all, i just wanted to thank so many of you for your excitement about what God's doing with 3 cords and how He is caring for His people in Haiti by providing them with JOBS!  hope is being restored, in big ways, as these woman get to feel accomplished each day as they make beautiful things, sell them, and bring money home to their families.  many of you have asked me how you can help with 3 cords.  i really appreciate that and am so grateful for any way you can help!  i have thought of a few things that would be super helpful:

1- PRAY.  pray that this will be a long term, sustainable project, not something that just lasts 6 months and then the women are left without jobs again...pray that 3 cords will be able to employ more and more women each year, and that it will last forever.  pray that God will send more helpers as we grow, and that HE will bless it, and most importantly, that He will renew these beautiful women's spirits through the fellowship and creativity that is bringing their hearts alive. 

2- SEND SUPPLIES that you have laying around your house.  this is a really unique opportunity because there happens to be a container being shipped to Mission of Hope at the end of THIS MONTH.  if you have any of the following supplies that you don't need or want, please send them to the container and 3 cords would be so so happy! :) :)

*fabric, any length/width- we can get plain fabrics in haiti, but no patterns, anything is great!
*scissors, hot glue guns, glue, etc
*buttons, any kind/color/etc
*thread and needles
*sewing machine (I know this is a stretch, but just in case you have an old one laying around..right now we are sewing all by hand, but soon we'd like to get into using machines too), and any extra needles etc to go with it
*beads, string, clasps, earring hooks, earring sticks, or ANYTHING for jewelry making
*copper or silver wire
*ANYTHING CRAFTY whatsoever you can think of.. we will use it.

here's the address to send it to:  (please make sure it gets there by Oct. 30)

Mission of Hopec/o "3 cords"
35556 West 200th Avenue
Bethany, MO 64424

3- COME.  once we get sewing machines, we will need people to come teach sewing, as I have no clue about this!  or, if you have any neat crafting project that you'd like to come teach to the ladies, I'd love to have you come and teach.  just send me your ideas and we'll get moving on it. :)

thanks again for all your love and support and encouragement for 3 cords!