We have now been in Haiti for less than 3 days. And a few things are already apparent: 1. God is here. 2. The country is beautiful. 3. The people are beautiful -- their smiles and their eyes are powerfully warm. 4. Haiti is very hot. AND 5. my heart has complete peace about living here. 

As we stood atop our house today over looking the village, we could see vibrant colors of plant life in every direction. From above the area is bright and fertile. Yet there is a giant difference when comparing this view to the view from our walk yesterday. We walked through the hills and paths and saw utter poverty. The people are hungry, the animals are hungry, and the ground is barren in many places. Trash is strewn everywhere as Haitians live there lives in this broken world. 

And yet there is joy here. God has not abandoned his people. And he is still in the business of redeeming people and the world. There is an obvious peace that is present in the people's hearts that he is redeeming. It does not make a lot of sense when contrasted with the surroundings, but we are seeing God's promise for peace lived out by my Haitian brothers and sisters. 

He promises "...the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" -- Philippians 4:7  

As we go to sleep tonight (earlier than I have gone to bed in a long time) I am grateful that God gives us peace. It doesn't necessarily fit with the discomfort, pain and poverty here, but God has given our hearts rest and peace today, and shown us his peace through the lives of our Haitian friends. And for that I am truly grateful.