So we have developed the first series of questions for a little game of “Haitian Trivia”. You can test your Haitian wits with the questions below. Post your scores in the comments section and the winner will receive a free prize upon their next visit to Haiti.

Before we begin, some basic ground rules:

1.  Answer each question honestly.
2.  Check the answers provided below only after you have completed all the questions.
3.  For each answer you get correct, you get the amount of points shown.
4.  Add up all of your points using general 2nd grade arithmetic. No funny math, physics, trigonometry, or algebra may be used to get higher numbers.

Now to the challenging part:

Question 1. (Category – Driving Rules) Does Haiti have driving laws that are enforced? (2 points)
A)   No.
B)   No.
C)  Yes. Definitely.

Question 2. (Category – Medical decisions) If you happen to develop “puss weeping lesions” on your foot, leg, neck, wrist, back, and arm, should you: (5 points)
A) take antibiotics because you have Strep Throat.
B) apply more “OFF” because you have mosquito issues
C) assume you have the black plague and give up all hope

Question 3. (Category – Cultural Sensitivity) When do most Haitians think Michael Jackson died? (4 points)
A)   Summer 2009
B)   October 2009
C)  September 11, 2001
D)   They assume he is still alive

Question 4. (Category – Names) What name do people in our village think is given to super-wealthy people in America? (8 points)
A)   Benjamin
B)   Madonna
C)   Obama
D)   Bill
E)   Wink

Question 5. (Category – Words) The word for violence in Haitian Creole is the same word for ______; causing confusion when simultaneously discussing rebellions and _______. (6 points)
A)   shipwreck … using a life-raft
B)   candle burning … midnight reading
C)   violins … music rehearsal
D)   lollipops … candy shops


See that wasn’t too hard. Now check your answers (below) and tally up your scores. Best of luck to all participants. Tune in again for the next round of trivia.

Answers: (no cheating recommended)
1.        A or B; They have some laws. But the key word in the question was enforced.
2.        A; If you have strep throat on your leg somehow. Seek medical attention immediately – as I have this past week.
3.        D; News doesn’t travel very fast here.
4.        D; many have heard of Bill Gates, and think he is named that because he is rich. Any Bill Haitians meet is assumed to be wealthy.
5.        C; which may mean when this language was developing, people had been listening to violin practice rather than recitals.