Through 4:52 pm, today seemed like a normal day. Then the ground started shaking, then my body started shaking, and then my heart started shaking. And really neither the ground, nor my body, nor my heart has stopped shaking for about 8 hours now. There are still aftershocks that send shocks through my spine. They keep me from sleeping, along with my still solidly shaken heart and burden that lies ahead in the morning.

Nobody knows what devastation lies waiting tonight. I do know that when the earth was shaking, I had very similar thoughts to what Jeremy thought. We were fortunately on a walk with orphans, and not inside buildings. At first, I assumed a tractor was coming at us and I wanted to get the kids out of the way. But we couldn’t tell where the rattling was coming from. And I kept thinking, this has got to be the biggest Tractor/Train/Pack of Rhinos in the world. And then the shaking earth threw me. And kids fell. I actually developed tunnel vision and all my surroundings disappeared. I took one glance to make sure Diana was safe, and then I grabbed three orphan kids who were being tossed about. While Diana, Jeremy, Zack, and others did the same.

We sat on a moving ground.

I still cannot believe the power of this earth. And I have no idea how long it lasted. It felt like 10 seconds combined with 3 years. God’s power filled the earth. And all we could do was fall to the ground.

After the quake came the mayhem, with orphans crying and people wailing, dust settling and houses crumbled. It took me an hour to realize it was possible that I was not standing on the epicenter. And in fact, Port-au-Prince – with devastating population density and poorly constructed slums – was even closer to the center. And the few firsthand reports we have received suggest total destruction in the capital. The presidential palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral, a hospital, and many government buildings have collapsed. Many reports speak of more buildings having collapsed than remain standing. In our little village alone, many people have died and many others have lost their houses. Our friends have had their houses destroyed. And then, almost immediately after the earth quaked, the sun went down, leaving us with aftershocks and leaving us waiting until dawn to even begin to consider the damage. And leaving us praying that God gives us grace to sustain us tomorrow.

We will keep you updated.  

01/12/2010 10:45pm

We're praying for you.

01/13/2010 5:41am

Mourning and praying for Haiti and you guys. I love you guys.

01/13/2010 5:43am

jay and diana -
of course we are deeply thankful you are we mourn with you deeply over the loss you will know from those you have grown to love so dearly.

Mike Carollo
01/13/2010 5:43am

I am really glad you guys are physically ok. My heart is hurting for you guys and the people of Haiti. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated...

01/13/2010 5:49am

Until further instructions as to what we can do -- we pray furverently!

ashley brooks
01/13/2010 6:44am

I am so moved by your ministry and your heart. Please know I am praying for you. You are truly doing God's work.
God bless and keep you. Ashley Brooks

Jan Olson
01/13/2010 7:09am

You have many faculty and staff members here at Bolles praying and thinking of all of you. Glad to hear you are ok. God Bless.
Jan Olson, Communications Director

01/13/2010 7:35am

You are all being prayed for. I love you, sweet Jay, and my heart breaks for the people. This whole thing has reminded me to tell you and all of our family how much I love you. It's experiences such as this that let me know how fragile our life is

Joshua Taylor
01/13/2010 9:31am

Is there anything we can do? I know that's a loaded question... but anything you can think of could give us ideas. We're ready.

01/13/2010 12:36pm

wow. i just cant stop thinking about it. love you all and my thoughts and prayers are going up to you and everyone going through this unbeliveable time!

Angie and Pete
01/13/2010 2:53pm

We want to help. Didn't know of this way to reach you so sent a note to Wink and Reina. I am pasting it below. We love you guys and are praying continually for all of you there.
Dear Wink and Reina,
Pete received the email from Jay and Diana saying that they had survived the earthquake, but the email I sent to them did not go through. We are praying for them and want to know what we can do to help. Is there anything that you know of the we can do right now other than pray? We are praying for you and for Diana's parents and family as well as all of the people in Haiti. We love you and want to help, if we can. I don't have a number for you and wanted to let you know my email and my phone.
Please call me if you can think of anything we can do. I would be glad to come over to Jacksonville and take over any responsibilities that you think I could manage if that will free you up to help J & D or just allow you, Wink or whomever to help directly. Just let me know...
God, please be with Jay and Diana, with the Cherry family and with the Carollo family right now. Please calm all of our hearts and give us your peace. Let us trust in your sovereignty and draw strength from the Holy Spirit. Gives us direction and clear minds. Put a hedge around our thoughts. We rebuke satan, in the name of Jesus, who would bring doubt, fear and chaos to our minds and to the people of Haiti. Be glorified in this terrible event...let us all, but especially Jay and Diana, feel your loving hands and provision during this time, and let Your redeeming touch be evident in this place. Lift up Jay and Diana's countenance as they act as Your hands to help those in such desperate need. Draw them close to one another and bind them tight as they face this difficult time and the days, weeks and months ahead. You are the God of peace, Jehovah Jireh - our provider, our strong and mighty tower, our refuge of strength, our covering . . . we release our lives to You, dear Father. Be with us now. Guard and protect those suffering in Haiti, and Lord, please help Jay and Diana and keep them safe. We ask these things in Jesus' precious name. Amen.


01/13/2010 3:53pm

Glad you are both OK. I'm praying you will be a bright shining light in a horribly dark time...
I spent some time in Messailler with Charles with part of a group from Saint Louis, I'm saddened to think of the tragedy there right now.

I'm sure this will be a defining week in your life, I am praying that it will be saturated with God's strength and presence.

Alison Carollo
01/13/2010 6:39pm

We are thinking about you and the people of Haiti. Why do the worst disasters have to happen to the poorest people? I love you both.

Katie Carollo
01/13/2010 6:40pm

Tom and I are praying for you, your orphans, and the people you love in Haiti. It seems that God has already used this situation to bring more prayers your way and I hope you feel them immensely. We want to encourage you to be a light in a dark uncertain place. Our hope is that people see your strength in God and it is the ultimate witness.
Love you dearly and will be praying now more than ever!

Kersti Kelly
01/13/2010 6:57pm

The Kelly family is praying for all of you and the people of Haiti. Just reading through your blogs, you have touched my heart and encouraged me spiritually. What an awesome example of God's love that you are both demonstrating! I will continue to pray for all of you and am so thankful you are all safe. You both have touched my family in many ways and I know you are a blessing to those around you.

David and Rhonda Helms
01/13/2010 8:12pm

Hope that you are all safe, as safe can be in the current situation. We are praying in every way that I can imagine.

Cheryl Parnell
01/13/2010 8:45pm

Diana and Jay, we were so relieved to hear that you guys are OK. You, and everyone with you in Haiti, are all in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Much love!

Christi Florida
01/13/2010 8:49pm

When God wants to get our attention on Haiti, He doesn't speak quietly... but Praise Him that so many people are now praying for Haiti! I am devastated that you and D and your friends have had to see so much devastation...(I wish we could all just sit around with shaving cream in our hair instead) but I am so thankful that the Haitians get to see such a Big God through you.

Love you so much.

01/13/2010 8:49pm

Heard about your story tonight on the news here in Jax. Want you all to know we're praying for you here.

Karen Hansen
01/13/2010 9:54pm

I don't know y'all personally, but I just wanted you to know that as a fellow Christian, I am so burdened by this tragedy. I'm praying for the Haitian people and all those who will be ministering to them. God bless you, and thank you for being there. Please let Christians and churches know how we can help.

sarah skinner
01/14/2010 5:40am

Jay, Diana,

It brought tears to my eyes as I read your blog. We have no idea what it is like down there right now. I'm praying for you guys. Our hearts are broken for all the Haitians.Stay safe and hopeful. We will see you guys soon.Much love from chet, me and the boys.

Carol Currey
01/14/2010 6:45am

Diana and Jay, Our family sends love and prayers your way. Stay safe and hang in there.

Dalton Melnyk
01/14/2010 7:27am


My prayers are with you, Diana and those there with you. I cannot imagine the fear, terror and awe that moment must have been like. I also cannot fathom what the aftermath must look like there. I'm praying for a sustaining strength and comfort from the Holy Spirit for you and those nearest you. I know nothing better to do!

Dalton Melnyk

01/14/2010 7:41am

Where in Haiti is Messailler? 30-45 miles away from the capital, but in which direction. What's the closest larger "town". Can we help?

01/14/2010 9:22am

You three were my first thought when the news broke, then Charles, followed quickly by the mass of suffering humanity that is Haiti. Our hearts are individually and collectively with your hearts.

We can get caught up in circumstances, and forget to focus on God's Character. But, it is His Character and His bigger purpose that gets you through it.

Tough as it is, I think this will be your finest hour.

How's Guito?

01/14/2010 10:30am

We are praying for you and know that God is with you. His strength will see you through.

01/14/2010 10:45am

Sweet Jay and Diana! I am praying for your safety and that God sustain you in the midst of all that you are facing.

Jennifer DeAngelis
01/14/2010 1:37pm

If you come home (I've read newspaper articles the family has been sending out)...will you bring any of the orphans with you? Do you need help with that possible aspect of things?

Elisabeth Keasler
01/14/2010 2:01pm

Sweet Cousins, I love you dearly. Like Allison said, this whole experience had truly made me realize how much more i love each of you. We are praying for blessings over you all, and your safety. Thankyou for being the ones who are carrying the sword, the shield and the mission. Dont forget it, and know you are doing the Lords will. Cant wait to hear that you are safely home. Love you so much!

John Moorhead
01/14/2010 2:55pm

Jay, I remember you well from your trip to China with Ryan a few years ago, and now there is a bond between us, created by our loving God, who is calling up intercessors for you, Diana, and the children. There are MANY. Persevere. You are not alone.

Maria Klassen
01/14/2010 4:06pm

God Bless you both and all your little children. We will pray for you!

John Pearson
01/15/2010 4:51am

Jay & Diana, so glad you are safe, our heart goes out to those who aren't. I feel God's presence in your lives for your convictions and service. He is in control. Love and prayers. JEP

01/15/2010 5:50am

praying without ceasing for all of you dearly....praying that the God of hope and peace hugs you tightly today.....

01/15/2010 6:56am

Praying that God fills you up with his strength to sustain you through this physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining time. Lifting you guys up from Alabama! Your sister in Christ.

Lindsey and Carter Henderson
01/15/2010 1:11pm

Praying for you.

Tracy Synan
01/16/2010 1:05pm

Read your stories. Don't have helicopters or high government contacts. But understand you have been in Haiti some time and are returning for awhile so don't know if you have place to stay/means of support. Can offer you to stay with us. Also, if you are able to bring any orphans home, offer same. Know you don't know us; recognized Elizabeth Keasler's post and she can vouch. Anything else you can think of.... Good luck and God Bless.

01/16/2010 1:15pm

Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you and the children you worked with.


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