meet mona. age 39.  one of my friends who just got to move into a house after living in a tent for almost a year.  she's one of my favorite patients of all time (okay, i know i say things like that all the time, but i really mean it this time! :)  she has a joy about her that is remarkable, and LOVES people.  she is soooo grateful to all the americans who came down after the earthquake (she tells me that every time i see her), because she says she would have been dead otherwise.  in the earthquake, mona was crushed under her house for a few days before being rescued, and didn't make it to a hospital for almost a week after that.  it is truly hard to wrap my mind around this happening to such a dear friend of mine.  

well, in the earthquake, she lost a leg, and two front teeth.  mission of hope has provided her a new limb, and thanks to God, she is walking again!  

now, this may seem really silly and minute compared to losing a leg, but mona is extremely ashamed to smile, because of her teeth.  above is the first picture she's ever let me take showing her teeth, and whenever i am just hanging out with her, she will hide her face when she laughs.  i've tried multiple times to get visiting dentists to see her to make a tooth, but they say they don't have the proper equipment here.  i've done the research, though, and mona could go to a haitian dentist and get two new teeth for $300.  that may be a lot, but i really think it would be so healing to mona, restoring something that has been lost.  it may seem superficial, but shoot, if i was missing a tooth, i would for sure get a replacement, and i'm sure we all would! :)  but in haiti, when you barely make enough to eat, mona will never see this as an option for her.

so, i'm wondering if any of our friends would like to help with this.  iF you want to help mona get new teeth so she can smile unashamedly, please let me know!  i will be home over christmas, and will bring any money you'd like to contribute back with me in january.. mona will be thrilled! :) :) :)


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