So many people have already been so incredible, offering any way that they can help us.  One tangible way you could help is to set up a time where Jay, Jeremy, Zack, and I (or some combination of us) can come talk to your church, school, business, or anything of the sort.  we want to get the word out, and let ppl know what's going on down there.  and we want to raise money to meet immediate needs down there such as food, water, and gas.  give us a time and place, and we will be there.

Most of you are probably in our facebook group already, but if not, join "Pray for Haiti. Pray for us"  There will be updates there on how to help and stay involved as we know more.


Teresa Rogers
01/17/2010 5:45pm

We want you to come speak to the students at Beaches Chapel School. When can you come? We can work around your schedules. I have already told them about you and we've been praying.
We want to help.

Sally Stanfill
01/18/2010 5:53am

Aubree gave me your blogs and updated me a little bit. I've spent the last hour reading through them. I am praying. I am praying for you, Jeremy and Diana. I am praying for Mindylove. I am praying for the children left in Haiti. I am praying for opportunities for you to get in front of churches and spread the story. I am praying for God to redeem, restore and rebuild, in the Name of Jesus


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