I will remember today for the rest of my life. 

Today, 4 children came home.  

I will always remember their smiles.  How their smiles sang.  And it was incredible.  When they walked into their new home, filled with a spread of yummy food and lots of toys, their wide eyes put tears in mine.  And as they filled their hungry bellies, they kept wanting to share with Jay, Jeremy, Zack and I.  Wow.

Tonight was a party on earth.  And a celebration in Heaven.  God says in His word, “He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing.”-deut. 10:18.  Today, He brought a little bit of Heaven to Earth.  And in that, showed His great love, mercy, and justice towards these children.  
When we got back to the compound today, after hanging out with a missionary couple and their kids for the day, there were about 100 kids gathered around, including the four kids that came to the orphanage.   The four of them were so shy.  And weren’t talking to any of the other kids.  When I came and sat by two brothers that were orphans,  my world changed.  My heart exploded with love for them, and I knew in that instant that God brought me here to love on these boys.  (pictures of them will be added in the next few days!)

A little while later, we all gathered in a circle, and we prayed for the kids and then Pastor Gabriel and Pastor Charles’ wife gave a talk to all the kids that were there- they shared that these four orphans are God’s children and we need to love them as our brothers and sisters.  They talked about how there is another orphanage in Messailler (about 15 min away, with another org.),  and all the kids there get made fun of bc they are orphans… which broke my heart.  I pray that Jesus protects these boys from that.  That they know they are loved, deeply.

Wow.  I feel so loved on by Jesus right now.. just getting to be a part of this.  So many times a day, my flesh takes over and I think how much cooler, or cleaner, the States is, and Jesus reminds me that it’s not about me.  And look how gently He does it!  He does it by showing me this Awesome picture of how He brings orphans home.  And showing me again and again that He is bringing redemption to this planet… the whole purpose of this life.  And somehow, somehow, we get to be a part of it.  We feel so blessed.



09/14/2009 7:20pm

09/14/2009 7:22pm

Oh what sweet hearts to be the feet and hands of Jesus!! We love you guys.

09/15/2009 5:29am

wow - yet another peep into my Father's heart for this planet and for me! thanks doing such a great job keeping us posted. what a joy to get to pray for you everyday:)

09/15/2009 12:35pm

thanks so much for sharing - tears in my eyes! wish we were with y'all today:) ~tracey

Mae Beth Ragland
09/15/2009 4:56pm

I will look forward to reading your blogs and feeling part of what you are doing there, the giving and the receiving. Yes, God is there. I can tell you feel His love and presence in your compound. Praying for you, knowing you are in God's perfect will. Love you!

09/21/2009 7:39am

This truly blessed my heart. I pray for you both daily and am so excited a/b your ministry there.

Love you both so much,


09/24/2009 5:49am

I am blown away by this. God bless you guys and those boys.


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