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I don't have much time to write, but there's a few things I wanted to share with you as I am so excited about them!  

First, some of you may know, but when prosthetic patients are here, I have been helping them make a little cash on the side by teaching them to make braided hair bands and selling them for them to short term missions teams.  It has gone so well, and they are so popular each week, that I have been approved to start a little business with some of the amputees that live close by!  They will come a few times a week every week (not just when they need prosthetic care), and will begin getting a consistent salary!  This upcoming week, we are painting the room right by the prosthetics lab to make it beautiful and welcoming, and we hope to get it started right after that!  Here's a picture of some of the amputees working a few weeks back:
Now to the little girl.  Now, I know I've said this before, but last week was my all time favorite patient EVER.  Her name is Solandine, and she is 5 years old.  She reminds me a lot of myself as a little girl, because she is so shy and hardly ever talks (I had to repeat Kindergarten because I didn't talk! Haha).  Anyways, she came for the week with her dad, and I loved loved loved loving on her all week.  

Solandine is a tough child, that God clearly SAVED from the earthquake.  She was under her house for 5 DAYS, all by herself. For the first three days, she cried out for her daddy, but her dad could not find a rescue team or tools to help him try to get her out.  The fourth day, Solandine stopped making a sound.  He thought she was dead.  The fifth day, he finally found a team to move the rubble, so he could find the body of his child.  When they started tapping with hammers, Solandine in her quiet little voice called out, "Daddy, don't hit too hard; I'm still here!"  Can you imagine this moment if this was your child??  It brings tears to my eyes each time I think about that.  Here is this precious precious child, before, during, and after her prosthetic fitting.

In other, much less exciting news, Jay and I finally get to move into our own place this week!  When we moved to Mission of Hope, we first lived with another family for a few days, then in a tent for a few weeks, then to another staff member's apartment who was gone for a while.  But now, I am so excited to have our own space, paint it colors that make it feel like home, and decorate it with beautiful Haitian art!   I will try to take before and after pictures for you all. :)

Thanks for reading. and for loving and praying for us.  <3


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