abby and i finally finished decorating/designing the 3 cords store at mission of hope, and we think it's pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!  check it out: 
my favorite part is the cords hanging from a tree branch (abby's idea).... shoot, wait til this room gets a paint job and it will be SET!!!  :)  

in other three cords news, the ladies are doing AWESOME.  they are absolutely loving working every day, and even today expressed how they don't even WANT free food; they'd rather have a job and buy food with it.  they are so proud of what they make, and it is so fun to be a part of it.  next week, we are hoping to take them all to the beach for a christmas party!  if they agree to it, it will be amazing, as culturally, they are now told they shouldn't be at the beach anymore, with only one leg.  i'll keep you posted.  we are praying for good times, courage, and emotional healing that only Jesus can provide.  



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