hello faithful friends and supporters and prayer warriors!

i just wanted to send two quick updates:

1) before Christmas, i wrote a blog about my friend mona who is missing teeth and needed money for fake ones.  we got the EXACT right amount of money!  thank you so much if you sent something or prayed for this dear friend.  i called her today and told her i had the money, and she was ecstatic!  she never thought that would happen!  hopefully we can go in the next few weeks to get the teeth made!  i will make sure and get pictures.

2) i also just wanted to say a huuuge thank you to those of you that sent sewing machines, fabric, etc., to the container i let you all know about.  it all came two days ago, and it's wonderful!  I can't wait to start sewing with the 3 cords ladies!  so exciting!  

thank you thank you thank you for all your love and support!

keep haiti in your prayers tonight and tomorrow, as the haitian people remember and grieve jan 12, 2010.  the whole country is shutting down tomorrow so everyone can spend the day with their families.  mission of hope will have two church services.. pray for God to continue to hold His people here.


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