meet sultane.  one of the most impressive people on the planet.  
sultane came to us about 8 months ago, wanting two new prosthetic legs, as hers were digging into her knees.  well, we checked it out, and it was one of the gnarliest things we'd ever seen.  she had a hole in each knee about an inch deep.  after much encouraging, and i mean MUCH encouraging, she agreed to not wear those legs until her knees healed, and then we'd make her new ones.  we gave her a wheelchair, and a little bike that you propel with your arms, so she could get around.  She came for wound care about 3 times a week, often bringing me oranges and lemons, and things she crocheted (she can crochet even though she barely has fingers!!!), and promising me she wouldn't put on her old legs, as she knew they would set her back.  well, with tears in my eyes, i can finally share with you all that SULTANE YOUYOUTE is FINALLY walking on two legs again!!!!!!!  here she is in the background, as david is casting my legs so we can make the cosmetic covers for her legs:
And here are her finished legs! 
And here she is holding our precious little puppy!  (i meant to blog about that a few days ago... yep, we got a puppy, a haitian puppy, and he is bad. but we love him anyways).  i WISH this internet could handle uploading videos, because i would show you all the video of sultane dancing like nobody's business... BUT, we'll have to settle on this picture instead:


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