hello again!  i've been meaning to write and let you know the update on mona's teeth.  many of you sent money to help her get 2 false teeth implants, and i am so grateful for that!  

last week, i took mona to a dentist in port-au-prince that i know through a friend. (it's always good in haiti to know who you're working with because there are a lot of corrupt doctors and dentists that do the wrong thing intentionally to keep you coming back!)  long story short, the estimate he gave me for $250 in december was for teeth that can come in and out, like a retainer.   mona and i had our hopes on teeth that would stay in permanently; she jokingly said she doesn't want her teeth to fall out while talking!  i don't blame her.  anyhow, the price for 2 permanent teeth is actually $550.  when the dentist told us that, my heart sank, but then God reminded me that He is faithful, and we need to wait and pray.  if you'd like to send some money for mona, you can send it to the same address as before:

diana cherry
1441 penman rd
neptune beach, fl 32266

that's all for now.  just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know we are still working on getting this beautiful friend some teeth!


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