(diana here). There is so much to catch you up on, but first I have got to share the most incredible thing that happened last week.   On Friday, I was called into translate in the new prosthetics clinic at Mission of Hope.  There was a woman named Marlene who was there to try on her new leg for the first time, after losing a leg when a building fell on her during the earthquake.  She had come earlier in the week for a custom fitting, and now she was back to learn how to walk on it.  You could see the self-consciousness and apprehension in her eyes as she came in on crutches and stump that used to be her leg.  I felt a connection with her in my heart, and was as encouraging as I knew how, wondering what to say to someone who has been through was she has.  As she took her first few steps, though weak and wobbly, I could see her countenance changed, and she began to smile.  In the earthquake, all of this woman’s hope had been sucked away.  With this new leg, God is restoring it!!!!!

So needless to say, I am going to spend all the time I can in the prosthetics lab from now on out, translating and helping wherever possible.  Between clients, I will be working on a new Christian school curriculum that Mission of Hope is writing, which is so exciting too.  The school on site at Mission of Hope is rated one of the best in the entire country, with over 90% of seniors passing the government exam at the end of the year.  Most schools have about a painfully low 10% pass rate.  So what are they doing?  Making the school and curriculum even BETTER.  Their vision is to open 50 more schools across the country,  implement this new curriculum, and change Haiti through education.  And this is just one way they are changing Haiti.  We are all pretty pumped about this place.


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