A couple random, funny things that have happened/been said:

-Today, two of my friends gave me a new do!  I got did up real nice!  Check it out:
-There is one baby in church, the deacon’s daughter, who is TERRiFIED of white people!   And she cries bloody murder every time she sees one of us!  I can’t help but laugh. And so do her parents.  J

-Yesterday, I was laughed at for washing clothes in a machine at home.  Our friend Tiwil said that there is no way they come out clean if a machine does it.  (for the record, it takes about 3-4 hours doing laundry for two each week.  It’s a big ordeal here, esp. if you have kids!)

-I’ve recently been asked to sing at church. HAHA!!!!  This is hilarious, if you have ever heard my voice.  I kept refusing to do it, telling them I was terrible, but the pastor’s family is convinced that Jesus would love it!  Haha.  So, I’m not sure when or where, but I’ll be sure and record it for you when I do it… be checking i-tunes in the next couple weeks! 

Wow!  I can’t believe we’ve been here for over 3 weeks now… it’s gone by really fast!  Days have felt pretty packed for me, chock full of studying, playing with the orphans, and teaching in the Kindergarten classes.  There are 3 different Kindergarten classes, and I spend about 30 minutes in each, each day.  I mostly just teach them songs in English, which they love.   My favorite thing is when I tell them to JUMP!!  Three, four, and five year olds are HILARIOUS when they jump.

School here is soo remarkably different than in America.  Most of you know I taught at an “inner-city” elementary school in Denver, and at the time, I thought I had no resources (compared to suburbia, that is).  But here in Haiti, I can safely say the ONLY resource is a chalkboard.  Teachers have no Teacher’s Edition lesson plan books.  Everything they do is oral.  There is really no  hands on or visual learning going on.  (I hope to introduce this here, but it’s really hard to tell people to do more of that, b/c they probably would if they had the materials!)  Here’s one of the classrooms in the school:
Teachers make just a couple of dollars a day here.  So do construction workers.  But, as 80% of the country is unemployed, these people are ecstatic just to have jobs. 

I am constantly amazed at people’s craftiness here.  NOTHING is thrown away.  For example, the kids’ water bottles at lunch time include a old squeeze it jelly bottle and a cleaned out peanut butter jar.  Pretty extreme, yes, but it does make me seriously question why I usually buy everything NEW in the states…

So, it looks like there MAY be a possibility of building a bakery down here!  I won’t enclose details til we know more for sure, but please be praying for that, b/c not only could it provide a Sunday meal for all the church goers, it could also be sold throughout the community to make some money to run the church.  Not to mention provide some good jobs for people here. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers!!  We feel so encouraged by all of you.  We love you all.




10/04/2009 5:29am

another entry - giving my heart a fresh glimpse of real life in haiti...and getting to see your real heart in the midst of such a poor and barren land...but in all of it seeing real Jesus as the hope of that nation, also the hope of your heart...pointing me to cling to Him too know i need Him just as much as those little girls doing your hair!

10/09/2009 9:36pm

WOW. put some sunscreen on that scalp girl!!!!! ;o)

Prayers and JUMPing for you, friends!!

Mae Beth Ragland
10/12/2009 7:56am

Jay and Diana,
Keep the stories of your life coming. They are sweet to my soul. The way God is weaving the stories of your life into the stories of their lives, and all together into the Gospel story. It is exciting to hear about! Glad you are getting some family in a few days. Love you both!


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