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Life could not be sweeter at the moment.  I love my job here, the community, and all our new friends here at Mission of Hope.  Every day, I am excited to wake up and see what God has in store for the day, and I can honestly say I’ve never been this excited to wake up for any other job or school… God has blessed me so richly in this season of life, and I’m just trying to soak it all in. 

i continue to work as the coordinator for the prosthetics lab here, and feel in awe that God placed me in this position that I never would have dreamed about 5 years ago.  i feel so fulfilled doing this work, which includes communicating with incoming prosthetists, organizing and getting all needed materials, keeping records for and getting to know patients and their stories, going to pick up patients each week from two different tent cities where there are lots of amputees we've committed to help, translating for the patients all week as they stay here, and in between, learning LOTS about the fabrication of prosthetic legs!  i am loving it.  it feels so right to me, and i love, just love, getting to know the patients and seeing their faces change as they walk for the first time (happened TWICE today!) or even just begin to walk better with more confidence.  it is so life giving to them, as amputees in haiti are led to believe they are now worthless b/c they can't get around and they look funny.  today, jean louis, after walking for the first time, threw his arms up in the air and said, "Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!  I PRAYED for a good leg and HE GAVE ME ONE!!"  it put tears in my eyes, and i couldn't have had a better day.  it was incredible. 

another man came in today named jean reuben who was about 50.  he was wearing a prosthetic leg that was about 15 years old.  it was the most raggedy, terrible thing i've ever seen.  when we took the shoe off to see the foot, it literally crumbled in our hands.  i have no idea how this man was even getting around!!  anyhow, he was SO HAPPY to know we'd make him a new one.  someone had made his leg that came down for a mission trip 15 years ago, but since then he had nowhere to go to get a new one.  thus.. the silver lining of the earthquake....we are HERE doing prosthetics because of the earthquake, and never would have been here to help him had that not happened.  God uses all bad for good.  the same thing with stevensya, the 2 year i talked about last week.  she came in this week and was WALKING!!!!!  she even kicked the ball back and forth with me! … supporting her weight on her prosthetic leg!  Check it out:

Here's a few more pictures from last week.  First, these are all the patients we had stay with us last week as they were being fitted for legs and getting physical therapy.  Below is us celebrating Jay's 26th bday with a dance party!  


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