i let my heart feel today, and i'm not doing so well.  it is so hard for me to be home right now when my heart is in haiti...pictures keep scrolling thru my mind of our friends in haiti. of the children.  
i keep thinking about mindylove (left, above photo), and how hard it was to tell her we had to leave, knowing full well she fears being left alone more than anything in the world.  don't we all?  and she's only 4 years old.  both of her parents died from AIDS at about age 2, and was left without family.  she has captured my heart, and i feel like i can barely function until she gets home to her mommy and daddy in greensville.   

i keep thinking about elwol, who is 11, and his 4 brothers and sisters, who i loved from the first day i met them.  they came up to me the day after the earthquake, all 5, crying that their aunt's house had fallen down in the earthquake.    the month before, elwol cried as i held him in my arms, as he heard another haitian women tell me that his mom never comes by to see them, that she's a horrible mom, and that she's always doing voodoo off in the mountains.  and his dad died years ago.     

here's a pic of elwol.
the worst part is, this is the typical childhood of most children in haiti.  i could tell you a similiar story about every single other child i have met in haiti thus far.  though not all technically orphaned, they have to live like it, trying to survive on their own.  most can't afford to go to school.  most eat about 300-400 calories a day.   

the brokenness in haiti was unbearable long before the earthquake hit.  haiti was hanging by a thread, forcing people to harden their hearts to just survive.  that thread has just snapped.  and haiti is praying that the world will finally see their suffering. 
yesterday, a bunch of us met to determine next steps.  we are starting a campaign called, "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?... crying out for survival, longing for restoration."  the people of haiti DESPERATELY need us.    PLEASE join us in prayer for this country.  pray that God will use this to turn haiti around.  to bring people to Christ.  currently, 90% or more of the country worship a serpent god, that represents darkness. evil. Satan.  they believe that Satan has more power than God because they look around and see the state of their country.   PLEASE join with us to show the Haitians God's love.  Pray that God brings restoration to Haiti.   

we serve a God who understands Haiti's pain and aches for His children there.  He understands, b/c He also had to ask the Father, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"    this was comforting to me today. 

Jesus has NOT forgotten about Haiti. 


01/17/2010 6:05pm

My heart aches for you both...I keep picturing you having to tell Mindylove goodbye and cannot imagine what you must have gone thru.
Still here. Praying. Love you.


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