Many of our friends have come together to make BEAUTIFUL art and jewelry for Haiti Relief funds.  Please check it out-100% of what you spend will go directly towards our orphanage and relief efforts.

All of the pictures used are kids that live in our village or our orphanage... faces we long to see..

We also have another ETSY site for those of you who didn't know about it before.. our friend Whitney started it after coming to Haiti in December and seeing the desperate need there even before the earthquake.. she is selling lots of authentic vintage clothes.  Here's a note from her website: "Please continue to buy from our section titled "HAITI"- 100% of the money you SPEND on these items will be sent to the Haitian orphanage, allocated towards earthquake relief."

please consider putting these sites on your facebook page for people to see.. we've already sold quite a bit, but are in the throws of making much more too!  also, if you'd like to participate in the making of the art, please email me at 


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